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XOXO Leah Ball gives us the sporty side to the beautiful blonde teen. Here XOXO Leah is holding a pink and blue ball on her shoulder with her right hand. She is wearing yellow sports shirt with green sleeves. Her skimpy sports shirt has been pulled up and we can see her flat stomach and the curves of her big breasts. XOXO Leah has a naughty look on her face as she continues to tease us by covering her nipples with her left hand. Don’t leave us hanging XOXO Leah, show us everything.

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XOXO Leah heats up a cold winter day with this sizzling movie showing the pretty young thing getting horny with an ass massage. Here we see XOXO Leah standing next to a glass window with a snowy scene outside. She is wearing a red knit cap on her head and a pair of red gloves on her hands. XOXO Leah is naked except for her sexy red panties. We can see the nice curve of her back and her delicious ass. XOXO Leah Butt is a must watch!

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XOXO Leah Tits shows off XOXO Leah’s natural boobs. Here we see the hot young blonde kneeling on a bed with blue sheets. Her head is slightly turned to her right and her long straight hair is falling below her shoulders. XOXO Leah’s right hand is at the hem of her plaid panties. XOXO Leah is topless and we get to appreciate her 100% naturally big tits with light pink nipples and areola. We also get to see her very small waist and flat stomach. She sure knows how to get men hard.

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XOXO Leah Teen Model shows us the young XOXO Leah standing next to a grand wooden wall. Her body is slightly bent and her arms are holding on to the wall. XOXO Leah’s arms are covered by a red lacy garment and her legs have sheer nylons with red lace. This photo emphasizes XOXO Leah’s beautiful face and her nice round ass. XOXO Leah is one very hot babe.


XOXO Leah is a 21 year old model for the adult entertainment industry. She was born Leah Christina Serres August 24, 1991. Her hometown is Sulfur Springs, Texas, USA. She is 5 feet and 7 inches in height and weighs 110 pounds. XOXO Leah has natural blonde hair and brown eyes. Her measurements are 34D-22-32.
XOXO Leah has candidly admitted in some interviews that she loves reading books about Science but not Science Fiction and that her favourite colour is pink. XOXO Leah is said to have started a career in the adult entertainment business when she was just eighteen years old. Most of her work in modelling fall under the categories of nude, erotica, tease, teen, solo and lesbian.

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XOXO Leah Pool shows us a wet and wild hot young girl. XOXO Leah is sitting at the edge of the pool with one of her legs still in the water and her hands on the brown tiles. XOXO Leah looks so beautiful and sexy with her long hair all wet and there is a seductive look on her face. She is wearing a blue bikini to cover her bottom and nothing but long necklace around her neck. Her perky tits stand out with her cute pink nipples getting hard like that. Who wouldn’t want to dive in and get some with this girl?

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XOXO Leah looks all wet and fuckable in this XOXO Leah Shower movie. This photo gives us a preview of hot and steamy it would be to step into the shower with the gorgeous teen. XOXO Leah is standing us with both of her hands covering the nipples on her large breasts. She has a look on her face that to us says “come on over”. The glass is moist and probably so is her awaiting pussy.

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XOXO Leah Pink and Wet gives us a closer look at the young and yummy XOXO Leah. She has nice make-up on her face and a slight pout on her lips. Her long blonde hair that is usually pin straight has some loose waves at the bottom. XOXO Leah is wearing a tight pink shirt that has been pulled up to her chest. This is a perfect way to excited without showing too much. We have a great view of the bottom curves of her boobs and her hard nipples that show through her shirt.


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XOXO Leah is one hot model. Here she is standing up with a swirly blue curtain in the background. Her slender legs are parted and both of her hands are holding her tight boyleg panties. The tight sports shirt that she s wearing is hiked up so we can see her large perky tits with pink areola and little erect nipples. We also get to appreciate XOXO Leah’s tiny waist and smooth, flat stomach.

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The teen model XOXO Leah shows us her naughty side in these pictures and videos. The sexy teen’s long blonde hair is pulled back and only her side bangs and some strands of her hair frame her beautiful face. XOXO Leah has dark eye make-up and pink lipstick on her pouty lips. Both of her hands are cupping her big breasts which are covered with her orange bra with straps falling from her shoulders.